Marty Griffin

    Marty “The Gunner” Griffin

    Marty Griffin’s rock n roll radio path has now come full circle.  He joins “Team Thunder” with a little over 40 years of local Radio History. Ron Woodward gave the Gunner his first paid radio Gig straight out of college back in the late 70’s. A dollar an hour went a long way back in the day.

    Chico State’s KCHO,  93 Dot 9 KFM and 107 fm the Point/The River were all local stations that Marty had his hand in programming and being a DJ.

    As the original “Nettleton Stadium” voice (public address announcer) of the Chico Heat and the Chico Outlaws baseball teams, Marty set the stage for many hours of summer fun for the community.

    Over the years Marty has had the opportunity to meet and interview some classic Rock legends including: Robert Plant, Steve Perry, Billy Idol, Jackson Browne, Sammy Hagar and Greg Kihn to name just a few.

    Besides being a Classic Rock n Roll “go to guy”, Marty in his free time, likes to Mountain Bike, Road Cycle, Hike, and take the dog for a walk.

    After taking a radio hiatus and owning and operating a shuttle airport transportation company for the past 12 years, Marty said it was time to put the headphones back on and start Rockin’ the airwaves again!